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This informative and free website not only helps you to pinpoint exactly what you are looking for, but also helps you locate by "Used Tire Size", "Specialty Tires" and Used Auto Tires nearest to you. We have compiled a huge list of Used Tire Stores across the USA by "States", "Cities in Canada" or "Manufacturers" that will give you more than enough to choose from.

Common Mistakes when looking for Used Tires
Many people mistake “Used Tires” as these following items

Wheels & Rims

Hubcaps & Wheel Covers

All three of these products are completely different parts but commonly get confused, even by mechanics (Every Day), so please take the time to pinpoint exactly what you are looking for.


Extra Help, Tips, Information & Free Advice
Once you figure out exactly what you are looking for, the very best way to find your Used Tires is by State and then your city above.

Please remember to make sure that you have your wheels and Usedtires balanced by a professional that truly knows what they are doing, and remember to rotate your tires as specified by the particular manufacturer.