Bridgestone Ecopia

It looks like everyone is wanting to do their own part to make this world a better place to live in. As we all know, Bridgestone manufactures tires for any driver & for any vehicle; but now, they’re even producing tires for those of us who want to be as environmentally friendly as we can.

As of now, out of all of the Tire Manufacturers , Bridgestone is the only one who is Eco Friendly .. for now. The Bridgestone Ecopia EP-02 was specifically designed to meet the Factory Original Needs of your very own Toyota RAV 4 EV plug-in electric-powered vehicle. Since these tires were specifically manufactured for Electric vehicles, they were not intended to be used on vehicles that solely run on gas or diesel. The Ecopia EP-02 is designed to meet the standards of both dry and wet conditions; but just like any other summer tire, they were not meant to be driven in temperatures that are near-freezing cold & are also not supposed to be on vehicles that are driven on snow or icy streets. They are made with new technologies that include a Low Rolling Resistance Tread Compound, a Narrow Tread Width, a Shallower Tread Depth, & even an Optimized Internal Construction; so I guess you can pretty much assume that Bridgestone went all out with this tire, wouldn’t you agree? All these features are meant to expand the RAV 4’s competence & driving range.

Because of all this new & fascinating technology, the Ecopia Tire is probably the most fuel-efficient tire you can buy for that Electric Vehicle of yours. Even if your car ran on Nitrogen or Diesel, since they lowered the Rolling Resistance on this tire, it reduces the use of fuel & therefore, lessens the CO2 emissions & other greenhouse gases.

In the month of February, the Bridgestone Ecopia division released two new wheels. One of the wheels happened to be their first Eco-friendly tire for SUV’s & CUV’s. This tire is available in six sizes ranging from 16” to 18”. It should be able to fit the Cadillac Escalade, Ford F-150, & other trucks of that caliber. The second wheel was an All-Season Tire that also included the Low Rolling Resistance Technology. It is made up of post-consumer recycled rubber & also includes Bridgestone’s NanoPro Tech Technology that has a huge impact on fuel efficiency; this is done by controlling the interaction that happens between the polymer filler materials & the other rubber components that are used to make the tire.

If that wasn’t enough, all tires come with a “Buy & Try 30-Day Guarantee” which lets the customers return their Ecopia Tires within 30 days of purchasing them if they are not completely satisfied; but I mean, you should be considering it has all of those features.

What’s great about this tire is that in recent studies, the Ecopia Tires proved to have a 36% improvement when it comes to rolling resistance. When it’s compared to your typical Bridgestone Tire, the Ecopia Tire showed a 42% improvement.

If you were to ask me about all of this shenanigans, I would probably say that it’s great how more & more companies are trying to “Go Green” & reduce their carbon footprint. It’s unfortunate that most companies are doing it just because it’s a trend that’s going around, but whatever floats their boat; right? What I like about these wheels is that people at the pump can save an average of $1.60 per fill-up. So let’s do some math : People usually go to the pump about 3-5 times a month, right? $1.60 x 4 is $6.40. Multiply that by 12; that gives you $76.80 dollars in your pocket! I have no idea about you, but that’s valuable shopping money. Feel free to visit us at for all of your wheel needs (: