Different Tire Manufacturers

How do you know which new & used tires to choose from now a days? There’s Bridgestone Used Tires & New Tires, Falken Used Tires & New Tires, and way more. Hopefully this article helps you choose which tire manufacturer to go with!

Bridgestone Ecopia
This is obviously offered from Bridgestone Used Tires & New Tires, but do you know what it is? The Ecopia New & Used Tires are made to have the best technology when it comes to rolling resistance so that way, the person driving can get the most fuel they can out of their vehicle.

The Ecopia New & Used Tires that are out now have a tread compound that’s supposed to apply to Bridgestone's unique NanoPro-Tech in order to reduce rolling resistance. This technology is also supposed to diminish energy loss while still maintaining wet traction.

UNI-T Technology from Bridgestone
This stands for Ultimate Network of Intelligent Tire Technology - try saying that five times fast. These are the new & used tires that offer “tuned performance” while they roll rounder and last longer .. all at the same time.

When it comes to the tuned performance, it’s all about the design technology that they put into these new & used tires. The technology is made to make the best use out of the shape, materials, construction, and tread design of the new & used tires .

Tire EcoPlus+ Technology
These are the new & used tires offered by Continental Used Tires & New Tires. This technology was first introduced to North America around the 1990s. The EcoPlus marketed by Continental is supposed to really focus on the lower rolling resistance of certain OE Continental Used Tires & even their New Tires. What’s cool about these tires is that since they’ve been doing so well throughout all of this time, Continental has been able to expand in order to include ContiTouringContact CT95, CV95 and CW95 tire lines.

Fuel Max Technology by Goodyear
It does exactly what it says. This technology uses state-of-the art science in order to develop different compounds and constructions that are supposed to help decrease energy loss as the new & used tires continue rolling. Goodyear Used Tires & New Tires, in the beginning, had incorporated it (Fuel Max Technology) into commercial tractor/trailer new & used tires. Then they finally made a decision & expanded it into new & used tires for family cars, vans, crossovers, SUV's and light-duty pickup trucks.

That’s probably one of the best ideas that they’ve had.

Green X New& Used Tires from Michelin
If you were to just study Michelin Used Tires & New Tires, you’d come to the conclusion that they pretty much make every kind of tire for every kind of vehicle that you see - anywhere.

Everyone who drives likes stuff that’s environmentally friendly - just like their new & used tires - but these same people don’t realize how important their tires are. The fuel - efficient tires that Michelin provides are usually branded with “Green X” to let the consumer know of the tire's positive contribution to vehicle fuel efficiency and the global environment.