Falken Used Tires & New Tires

No, not “Falcon” - they’re Falken Used Tires. The Falken Tire Corporation is a Japanese manufacturer that produces new & used tires for automobiles. The company was originally created in 1983 - it was only supposed to be a brand for Ohtsu Tire and Rubber performance tires. It wasn’t until about 2003 when Falken was an official part of Sumitomo Rubber Industries; it was the same time when they had acquired Ohtsu.

As of now, Falken Used Tires & New Tires is paired up with another SRI Brand : Dunlop Tires. When they’re together, they form Dunlop Falken Tires, Ltd. - they’re the parent group that’s apart of the Falken Tire Corporation.

They had first launched they’re new and used tires in Japan in 1983 - this was their native country after all. It was released to the public here in North America in 1985. In the beginning, Falken Used Tires & New Tires had been created as the flagship high performance radial brand that was placed under Ohtsu Tire and Rubber.

What’s funny is that they’re based out of Fontana, California - the place where one of my good friend’s lives! So, it’s literally about twenty minutes from my house! This is the Falken Tires location that is the corporate headquarters and West Coast Distribution Center that’s specifically for North American operations. There’s other distribution centers for Falken Used Tires & New Tires located in Tennessee, New Jersey, and even Texas!

Another thing that’s kind of funny is that it started off as he flagship high performance radial brand under Ohtsu Tire and Rubber, now that about two and a half decades have flown by, Falken New Tires has made a name for themselves by selling UHP products while using professional motorsports racing in order to further develop and improve passenger vehicle parts any way that they can.

P.S. - UHP stands for Ultra High Performance.

Falken Used Tires & New Tires prides itself on one important thing : its creative capabilities that they incorporate into their tires and their in-house branding. Since they have a pretty full staff in their advertising department, this gives the opportunity for Falken to expose themselves and build themselves on its amazing successes that they have accomplished through their American Le Mans and Professional Drifting programs.

The products that Falken has as of this moment range from track-inspired and enthusiast-targeted Azenis series all the way to maximum performance and luxury sport FK452’s. Falken has their award winning all-season performance ZIEX ZE912 new & used tires - these are the ones that give you sure-footed grip regardless of what weather condition you drive in. When buy Falken’s S/TZ04 new & used tires, you get cutting - edge style and ultra plus fitments that go great on SUV’s and some light trucks!

Just in this past year, Falken has actually increased their range of products! They have some new products in their rugged All - Terrain department and more winter tires for people to choose from. Even if you live in an area where the weather is almost always unpredictable, Falken has the new Eurowinter HS439 that gives you constant traction.