Fuel Efficient New & Used Tires?

Most people would say that Fuel Efficient Tires aren’t that new; & they’re right. The most common Fuel Efficient New & Used Tires are made by Bridgestone Ecopia & Bridgestone Used Tires - you can buy them at your local Used Tires Warehouse that’s probably down the street from your house, right?

Anyway, mostly all manufacturers - like Bridgestone Used Tires - have been installing new & used tires that can improve fuel-effiency ratings on new & even used cars. The only thing is that when car buyers were looking for these specific new & used tires, they were basically out of luck. New & Used Tire Shops didn’t sell them - at all, they didn’t even sell new & used tires that came close to what the customer was looking for.

Now-a-days, Bridgestone Used Tires and other popular manufactures for new & used tires are starting to realize that customers only want things that give them good gas mileage because of the price that you pay at the pump. Have you seen it lately? It’s ridiculous! Most people are about economizing & saving as much money as they can; that’s what most manufacturers are barely starting to understand.

Sure we all like new & used tires that are safe & reliable, but we want to try & get everything in one package - including the good gas mileage. There are new & used tires with some sort of low-rolling-resistance that are now widely available for most passenger cars that are on the market today. If you didn’t know, Rolling Resistance is the measure of “force at the axle in the direction of travel needed to make a tire roll”. That definition is basically an exact way of saying that rolling-resistance determines how much effort the car has to make in order to make the new & used tires roll on the pavement. I think that one was a little easier to understand; don’t you think? Both new & used tires with a low rolling resistance use different tread designs and new materials to lessen the amount of energy needed to move the car.

Fuel Efficient new & used tires can cost you a little more compared to the standard tires you get at Used Tires Dealers in your town; but the upside is that they can diminish the amount of gas you need by a total of 6%. If it were me, I’d say that any little bit helps. At this rate, the gas money that you save can be enough to pay for the premium on fuel saving new & used tires in about one whole year.

There was an experiment done by a National Research Council and they found that fuel economy says that about a 10% reduction in rolling resistance actually increased fuel economy by a good 1.5% - even if it was something like stop-and-go driving. If it came to highway driving, that same 10% meant a 2.1% better fuel economy.

Most of the major new & used tire manufacturers like Michelin Used Tires & Continental Used Tires are starting to offer fuel saving, low-rolling-resistance new & used tires at their local shops. When they make these new & used tires available to the people that are looking for them (like me & you), it just means that we can all basically keep the mileage on our cars much closer to the EPA fuel economy estimates; we can possibly do a little better if we drive the right way.