General Tire FAQ

I think that everyone can learn these facts about their new & used tires - I even use these when it comes to the Kumho Used Tires that are on my truck! I’m telling you, they come in handy when you least expect it .. just like everything else.

1. When you have underinflated new & used tires on your vehicle, this makes your engine work even harder than it already is.

2. “Do I need to rotate my used tires from front to back?” If you have radial tires, those can be rotated from side to side. When someone has bias ply tires, they can never be rotated from side to side - they can only be switched from front to back.

3. Not all of the SUV’s on the market come with Passenger Tires (P). Some of them, like the Light Trucks, have the “LT” on the tires.

4. When you have underinflated 17” Used Tires on your car, they’re going to wear faster compared to the tires that are inflated properly. They even affect the handling and steering control that you have over your vehicle.

5. When the tire pressure is too low, this means that too much of the tire’s surface area is touching the ground. This then increases friction that’s between the road & your used tires. This means that your used tires are going to wear out faster and they might even overheat. Yikes.

6. If your used tires are squealing when you turn the corner, this is a sign of low tire pressure.

7. Even though your used tires don’t seem flat when you look at it, this doesn’t mean that it’s lost about half of its air pressure.

8. The leading cause of tire failure is because your used tires are underinflated. This can lead to stress that’s not needed (nor wanted), wear that’s irregular, and loss of control on your tires.

9. Different tire manufacturers - like Kumho Used Tires & New Tires - usually test tires and assign their own grades for treadwear, traction, and temperature resistance. The only downside is that there’s no specific or prescribed formula for converting the manufacturers' test results into universal grades, so be aware of the fact that numbers from tire to tire are not objective.

10. Your new & used tires usually lose air at a rate that’s about a pound per month.

11. Underinflation, by as little as 6 psi, can cut gas mileage by 3% .. which is something that none of us want to hear because of the gas prices that we’re paying now.

12. When it’s cold outside, this is what affects the air pressure in your tires. For each ten degrees of temperature drop, your new & used tires lose one pound.

13. This is important : When you go buy your 17” Used Tires from your local shop, never go with a lower load index or speed rating than your vehicle's original tire! Just trust me on this one.

14. Gas mileage decreases 1% for each 10 pounds of underinflation.

15. If you’re only going to buy one or two tires at a time, you should always put the new tires on the rear axle.

16. When you have underinflated used tires - which hopefully you don’t - you’ll notice that they wear more on the outside edges. The overinflated used tires will wear in the center of the tread.

I know it’s only 16 and it’s kind of uneven, but you can’t say it didn’t help.