How Tires Are Made


Different Tire Manufacturers have different ways of making tires. If you happen to be in the tire business, you know that manufacturing tires is a very long & confusing process. It involves incorporating a lot of materials & having the tire go through a variety of processes so it can be the modern tire that we use on our vehicles today. When the Automotive Industry first came about, they weren’t worried about the specific handling tires give the vehicle, the comfort it gives the ride, or even the durability & traction it gives you while you drive. I guess you can say that the manufacturing process has come a long way.

When 1946 rolled around, that’s when producers concerned themselves with traction, handling, longevity, & even how smooth the ride can possibly be. Most radial tires today are a great & exquisite combination of steel, textile piles, & layers of rubber that come together that provide you the safety you have now wherever your vehicle may take you.

So there’s quite a few elements that are involved with the construction of tires. The first thing is the Bead: A Bead Bundle is literally, a long loop that’s made out of exceptionally powerful steel cable that happens to be fully coated in rubber. The whole reason for this loop is to give the tire the strength & structure it needs so it can stay in place after it’s been fitted on the OE Rim.

The second material that’s used is a little something called Plies: Plies are considered to be a series of textile fabrics that happen to be layered on top of each other so that way, it will help make up the full body of the tire. The plies are covered with rubber so it seals in the air & enables the plies to associate easier with the other parts of the tire. The more plies a tire has, the stronger it is.

Steel Belts are also things that are very important to the manufacturing process of tires. They come together to make a loop of thin steel that is placed right under the rubber tread of the tire & acts as a reinforcement. This allows for your tire to be stronger against possible punctures that are caused by sharp scraps on the road. Steel Belts also keep the surface of your tire flat on the road so that way, you have better handling on your vehicle & better traction, too.

The last & most crucial part of the tire would have to be the Tread. The tread is that part you can see on the outside rim of the actual tire; it’s the visible, bumpy part of the tire that most people are used to noticing first. Even though there are three other parts of the tire that help make the tire safe for your vehicle, it’s the actual tread that gets the credit for providing you with the traction & control. The tread is made up of both natural & synthetic rubbers, & then cut with special grooves so it can give a top-of-the-line performance. Snow Tires have different tread patterns than All-Season Tires. All-Season Tires have different tread patterns than High Performance Tires. High Performance Tires have different tread patterns than Snow Tires; so as you can tell, no tire tread is really made the same.

Regardless of what tire you have, or how different the tread design is; all tires were manufactured the same: to give you a safe & convenient ride wherever you go. Feel free to visit us at for all of your tire needs (: