Low Profile Tires

Low-profile tires just so happen to be Specialty Tires & are tires that are becoming more & more common everyday. Before, you would just see them on either racecars or sports cars; but they’re putting their foot down on regular family cars like Toyota’s & Ford’s. I actually saw Ford Flex Wheels with Low-Profile Tires today! It’s strange because the people who have this type of tires on their car know how expensive it is to maintain them; but to each their own, right?

These specific tires were actually made solely for NASCAR vehicles. Since all they really do is make those turns all the time, that’s how these tires were designed. They’re meant to be thin so they can have a better handle on the road; therefore, giving the driver more control. Because it’s so skinny, it allows for the Alloy Wheel to be bigger & lighter, which will allow the car to perform at it’s full potential. It also permits for the vehicle to hold bigger brakes, which means it’ll be more effective, which means they’ll rarely get into accidents where they couldn’t stop in time... hopefully anyway.

The only thing about these tires-well actually a couple of things-they are very expensive to maintain. These tires only get about an average of 1,500 miles... per tire. So if you think about it, you’ll be needing to pay for a set of new tires every two months, or maybe even every month! That’s your car payment, oil changes, gas, and tires. Even if you were able to afford this, if you live in extreme winter conditions, these wheels wouldn’t be for you. See, these tires were manufactured to perform to their full potential on dry roads where they can have a better grip & “connect” with the road. If anything, you can keep these wheels on your car, but you’d just have to buy new tires every winter.

These Low-Profile tires can be great if you live in California or Florida; especially since people over here love to show off. Even if you don’t, these wheels can be for anyone who has or dreams of owning a sports car, they just have to be ready for the responsibility that comes with it.