Michelin & Michelin Used Tires

Fun fact: You know BF Goodrich Used Tires and New Tires are manufactured by Michelin Used Tires and Michelin New Tires. Interesting, right?

The Michelin brand and Michelin Used Tires are manufactured in Clermont-Ferrand; which is in France. They are one of the two biggest tire manufacturers in the world. Michelin is partially famous for the Red and Green travel guides that they provide, their roadmaps, and their mascot : the Michelin Man.

Michelin usually manufactures new and used tires for cars, heavy equipment autos, airplanes, motorcycles, and even regular bikes.

The history of Michelin New & Used Tires is quite interesting. There were these two brothers, Édouard and André Michelin, that ran some sort of rubber factory in Clermont-Ferrand. One day, there was a guy on a bike that showed up in front of their factory; he had a tire that needed to be fixed. Since the tire was glued to the rim, it took over three hours to take it off and then fix it. After it was fixed, the guy still had to wait until the next day so it cab dry overnight. The next day, Édouard had took the bike out to test it out; after a few hundred meters, the tire that they thought they fixed failed on them. After this, the brothers became so fascinated by the tire that they decided to come up with new and used tires that don’t have to be glued to the rim.

Michelin New and Used Tires officially became incorporated on May 28, 1888. A few years later in 1891, they had released their first patent for a removable pneumatic tire. It was then used by Charles Terront; he used these tires to win the very first long distance cycle race.

Michelin has actually been the one to make a wide range of different tires that we use today; they produced the radial tire that was first released in 1946. It was originally developed with the front-wheel-drive Citroën Traction Avant in mind. In the late 1920s and early 1930s, Michelin had been operating big rubber plantations in Vietnam. Since the Vietnamese workers were exploited so brutally, that’s what started the Phu Rieng Do labor movement.

By 1988, Michelin New and Used Tires had acquired B.F. Goodrich Company. Two years after, they decided to buy Uniroyal; which was originally founded in 1892 as the United States Rubber Company.

Ever since September 1, 2008, Michelin New & Used Tires were named the world’s largest tire manufacturer; after it had spent two long years being number two behind Bridgestone. As of now, Michelin New and Used Tires manufactures tires in places like France, Germany, Canada, the United Kingdom, and even here in the United States. Earlier this year on the 15th of January, Michelin stated that they were going to close Ota; it’s a Japan plant that employs an approximate 380 workers and produces the Michelin X-Ice tire. If you’re worried about the X-Tire, don’t be. The manufacturing will be moved to Europe, Asia, and North America.

Ever since 1999, the CEO was Édouard Michelin. Four years ago on May 26, 2006, he unfortunately drowned while he was fishing somewhere near the island of Sein; it’s off the coast of Brittany. Ever since then, his second cousin - Michel Rollier - has been head of Michelin New and Used Tires . How sad, right? At least they’re still doing well; I think I have Michelin Tires on my car.