Nitrogen Filled New & Used Tires

These new & used tires have green caps - this means that they’re filled with Nitrogen. If you were to ever get the chance to see nitrogen, first of all, let me know! Secondly, you’ll see that the Nitrogen is just colorless, odorless, and tasteless .. if you ever decide for some reason to taste it. If you didn’t know, Nitrogen makes up 78% of the Earth’s atmosphere! These Nitrogen filled new & used tires are a recent development and are actually proving to be pretty popular with consumers in certain weather conditions that have big shifts in temperature throughout the year.

The reason why Nitrogen new & used tires have green caps is so that way the people looking at these tires can recognize that they’re not the typical air-filled tires. There are two big benefits to these nitrogen filled tires :

1. The rate of gas loss is reduced drastically.
2. There’s an elimination of moisture within the new & used tires.

The only thing is that these Nitrogen-filled tires are somewhat a little more expensive than your standard tires. The reason why is because the cost of nitrogen is more expensive than regular air and because of the benefits these new & used tires provide drivers like you and I. Whenever you buy a new car, be sure you look at the cap of the tires to know if they’re going to be filled with Nitrogen or just regular air.

New & used tires with the green caps keep the optimal pressure levels for a longer period of time when compared to regular air filled new & used tires on a typical car. This means that your tires will have more of an even wear pattern and you’ll even get better gas mileage - and I think that’s what everyone wants in the end, right? The nitrogen molecules are usually fatter in shape whenever someone compares them to regular oxygen molecules. When new & used tires have no oxygen - like nitrogen-filled tires - they’re not affected by humidity. This means that the driver will have a more consistent tire pressure in their new & used tires.

If you want a fast way to improve gas mileage and the life of your new & used tires, all you really have to do is check the tire pressure regularly and make sure that it’s at the appropriate level. The NHTSA (The National Highway and Traffic Safety Associations) has actually reported that less than 60% of American motorists check their air pressure regularly! I can regretfully say that I’m part of that 60%. When a driver has nitrogen-filled tires, the tires maintain the tire pressure for a longer amount of time; this means that it’s a lower maintenance product than regular tires.

As time goes on, the nitrogen level is going to decrease in your new & used tires - but then again, this is the same situation for air-filled tires. When the nitrogen decreases, you need to add more. When you fill the nitrogen new & used tires, it’s typically a fee based service with a flat rate going per tire. If you notice, the air pump nozzle is in a different shape than the nitrogen pump; this is to make sure that your new & used tires with green caps aren’t filled with regular oxygen by accident.