Paddle Tires

If you’re the type of person that goes off-roading quite often, then I think you should have a good idea of what Paddle Tires are. In fewest possible words, they are tires that have specially designed “scoops” in them that allow you to maneuver you’re way around the sand, around the dirt / mud, & enables you to even accelerate in these tough conditions. You know how in the movies where people get stuck in the mud & they’re rear tires are throwing the sludge all over the place? Paddle tires were created to prevent this from happening.

The way a Paddle Tire works is that when it comes in contact with the sand or the dirt, the paddles dig into the sand & then push off from the buried sand. I’m going to try & give you an example: Paddle Tires work the same way a paddle boat does. You know how a paddle boat pushes the water to move it forward? That’s the same way Paddle Tires work, but in the dirt. Even ducks give a good example; they push water of their webbed feet to get where they want to go.

There are many tires out there that resemble a Paddle Tire; like a Tractor Tire. These tires are very similar to Paddle Tires, but are considered to be “softer” & “milder”. They are essentially built the same, but Tractor Tires have smaller voids that have a limited use on firm & solid surfaces. The lugs that are installed are meant to be used for lateral traction; which is why they are installed at an angle.

If you ever plan on using Paddle Tires on the street, it may not be such a brilliant idea. For one, it’s completely illegal & extremely unsafe. Reason two: Paddle Tires are made for what they were manufactured for: pushing dirt & sand away when you’re off-roading! Final reason: Paddle Tires only allow for forward / rearward traction. In other words, these wheels are really just meant to push the vehicle forward & gives a very small amount of side-to-side traction; hence, if you’re not careful when you make those sharp turns, you can fall over! Trust me, it leave a horrible scar.

It really isn’t that hard to determine the Paddle Tires that you need for that little vehicle of yours. The more horsepower your vehicle has, the bigger the paddle scoop has to be. See, when the paddle scoop is deep, it allows more sand & dirt to be pushed off so it can work with the actual power of the vehicle; see what I’m saying? Another choice you’d have to make is to either have V-Shaped scoops or Straight scoops. The difference is that V-Shaped scoops are the ones that really dig down into the sand so you can have that traction while Straight scoops just dig through the dirt like it’s supposed to. So in a nutshell, V-Shaped scoops give you that extra “oomph”. Either way, whichever one you choose, you can bet your bottom dollar that you will probably never get stuck again.

The only thing that I would have to remind you is to never, ever, ever use these tires on anything else than sand or soft dirt. Would you like to know why? Of course you do; if you ride it on solids, the tire will wear down ridiculously & it will be extremely uncomfortable... so just don’t do it.