Sell your Used Tires


I think a lot of us have some old tires just accumulating dust & sitting in our garage, right? If not, then you’re probably using our Tires by State option so that you can get rid of them, correct? Anyway, what most people don’t know is that you can receive a good deal of money for selling those old pieces of rubber. The great thing about Used Tires is that they can be used for more than just transferring you from Point A to Point B. If you take good care of your Used Tires, even if you don’t use them anymore, the money you sell them for can go towards the new tires you need; see what I’m saying? Here are some simple guidelines to follow if you want to take those Used Tires off of your hand:

-Before you spread the word that you want to get rid of your tires, make sure you know what type of condition they’re in. Don’t say B+ if they’re really a C or something; that will only cause problems .. which is something that you obviously don’t want.

-When you’re done, one of the easiest ways to get the word “out there” is to put an ad in your local newspaper. Use the information that you wrote down about the wheel & include it in the ad; but try to summarize it so it sounds short & sweet. Most of the time, the newspaper won’t charge you for running the ad; unless you’re trying to sell your tires as a business venture. Regardless if you choose to continue selling your Used Tires from time to time, the newspaper will most likely give you special rates for your small business ads.

-At the same time that you’re considering to put your Used Tires ad in the newspaper, consider putting it in your local pulp magazine, too. A lot of communities have weekly magazines that are usually just published so that random people can sell the stuff that they don’t want or the stuff that they don’t use. Similar to publishing your ad in the newspaper, this ad shouldn’t cost you a dime either; only if you decide to continuously sell your stuff using that specific publication.

-Even after you put the ad in the newsletter of your choice, try visiting your local business that manufactures & sells retread & recap tires; if anything, it should be your local tire or automotive shop. They’ll usually be interested in buying the tires that you’re selling-especially if they’re in the accurate condition for recapping. Try not to have high expectations when it comes to how much you’re going to get for your Used Tires; most of the time, these shops will offer you somewhere between 25-50% of the price that you got them for. So let’s say you bought your tires for $100, they’ll give you maybe $25-$50 for each; do you get it so far? Of course you can always use your negotiation skills to get a better price, but just try not to be too demanding.

-The last option that you have would probably be to pay a visit to your local garage & see if they’ll buy your tires for a good price; but keep in mind that this is only if your Used Tires have a good amount of tread left. When you drop by the garage, make sure that they sell tires that are a similar size to yours.

Selling Used Tires requires research, patience, & having you explore all of your options; just like it is when you sell any other thing. If you have any troubles, feel free to visit us at