Spare Tires

I know that we all know what Spare Tires are, but do you really know what they are, why they’re there, who invented them, & all that good stuff? I bet you don’t; let me go ahead & tell you.

The technical definition of a spare tire (or tyre) is an additional tire that is carried in your car just in case one of your tires goes flat; but if all of them go flat, then you’re pretty much out of luck .. just messing. Usually, you can either have a compact spare or a full-size spare - either way, you’re not supposed to drive on it for more than a couple of miles.

Back in the day, when people used to get flat tires, there was a completely different & long process that people had to go through just to fix it. First, they had to take the wheel off from the vehicle that they were driving; then, they had to demount the tire. After that, they had to patch the inner tube, re-mount the tire to the vehicle that they were driving on, inflate the tire, & finally re-mount the wheel. Today, if I get a small hole in my Used Tires, I take it to the local gas station that has a little shop & they just patch it up. How times have changed, huh?

The very first vehicle that had the spare tires included in them were the Ramblers. The spare wheel was interchangeable & meant that the driver could quickly replace it for the flat one that they unfortunately got while driving. Since carrying a spare tire was so common between vehicle manufacturers at the time, they decided to put two spare tires in the vehicle. They mounted the tires behind the front fenders because they blended into the running boards - which was a narrow footboard that served as a step below the doors of the vehicle.

When World War II rolled around in 1941, the government said that all production on spare tires needed to come to a stop because most manufacturers got their rubber from different countries .. & that didn’t seem like such a great idea since the U.S. was at war with some countries.

If you look at vehicles today, you’ll notice that some vehicles have compact spares & some of them have full-sized spares. Sometimes, the spare wheels can be the same type & same size as the “regular” wheels on your car. The spare can either be mounted on a regular factory steel wheel or a matching road wheel. There are usually full-sized spares on passenger vehicles like SUV’s & light trucks because if they were to have a compact spare, it would just mess up the car .. kind of.

There are compact spare tires on some cars because it’s cheaper, reduces the entire weight of the actual vehicle, & saves on the space in your trunk where it is usually stored. If you ever approach the time where you need to use your compact spare, don’t use it like you would a regular tire. In other words, the compact spares are only supposed to used for short distances - like from the place you got the flat to the nearest gas station.

Regardless if you are a safe driver or not, the compact spare is always there just in case. I suggest that you never take it out, even if it makes your car heavier & makes you spend a little more on gas. If you need any type of tire, go ahead & visit & look for those 19” Used Tires to go on that car of yours.