Summer Tires

If you’re looking for a step - up from All Season Tires, then I’m pretty sure that you should go with Summer New & Used Tires. These tires are mainly for those tire enthusiasts that want the best tires for pure performance when the roads are either wet or dry. These tires can come in sizes from 15-22 inches.

The highest rated max performance summer tires come from Michelin Used Tires and New Tires. The tire is called Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 and is estimated at $185/tire. These tires are probably one of the few tires that both consumer testing experts and real life customers agree on. says that these new & used tires are "a benchmark for performance tire driving feel and feedback -- taut and responsive without feeling nervous or edgy. It's a real treat for any driver wanting to be engaged in the driving experience."

Just like any other product that’s good for both the experts and the customers, the tire has a competition. In one of the many tests that it goes through, the Michelin tire barely beats the Pirelli P Zero new & used tires. What’s funny is that these tires actually place last when it comes to’s most recent expert test of four max-performance summer tires. The different experts and the different users of these new and used tires don’t really see any weaknesses in these tires .. except that it’s a bit noisier compared to the Pilot Sport PS2 and it also has higher rolling resistance - this is something that can affect your gas mileage.

The testers from Car and Driver at one point in time had actually considered the Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 from Michelin Used Tires and New Tires their “benchmark” tire. After a head to head test that they had with the Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec new & used tires, they prefer those more. For one, the Dunlop tires are cheaper ($130/tire). "The only flaws we could find with the Dunlops were slight: above-average noise and a slight ride penalty, things we are regularly willing to sacrifice for performance when it comes to cars," said by Car and Driver.

Since mostly all tire manufacturers have released some sort of eco-tire, decided to test them all to see if they really do save you gas like they say they do. They decided to test both the Yokohama dB Super E-spec and the Bridgestone Ecopia EP100 against the Goodyear Integrity (which comes standard on the Toyota Prius). They determined that both the Yokohama and Bridgestone tires save you more gas compared to the tires that are on the Prius. The eco-tires were also discovered to have a better grip on wet roads compared to the Goodyear tires.

What’s cool about the Yokohama Tires is that they take the “eco-friendliness” one step further than most eco-friendly tires: their tires are mostly made up of orange oil and not petroleum. The orange oil is known a by-product of the citrus industry and would eventually be thrown away if the Yokohama companies wouldn’t have taken it. Yokohama had also replaced most of the petroleum-based synthetic rubber with different natural rubbers to produce an 80% petroleum based tire.

Looks like Yokohama Used Tires and New Tires are doing big things with their tires! I’m sure all of these changes are bringing in customers left and right - I know I’m going to go check out what they have when I get off of work!