Things inside new & used tires

People in the world who drive have two things in common:

1. We hate when people cut us off and get away with it.
2. We all depend on tires to get us from Point A to Point B.

Since I need a new set of used tires for my car, I just keep wondering what goes into tires and how it makes the tires the tires that we all count on. Therefore, I did my research and wrote this article.

The Tread
The tread, I think, is the most vital part of the new & used tires of your vehicle. They provide the traction and cornering grip when you drive. It’s used to displace water on a very wet road. If there were no tread on new or used tires, you would end up having to run tires with a really soft compound construction just for you to have traction. The only thing is that this type of tire wouldn’t last long at all and you’d end up hydroplaning when it rains.

The Belts
These are the things under the tread that are used to strengthen the tread on your new & used tires. There are a few things you can do to check if you have a broken belt. You can check the used tires by gliding your hand along the sidewall and if you feel something like a bump or a bunch of pricks, then you most likely have a broken belt. You can typically get a broken belt by going over a pothole .. so be careful when you drive !

The Sidewall
It’s just there to protect the side of your tire from any road debris and curb damage that you may or may not encounter. Usually, your sidewall can crack when it’s old .. just be sure to take notice so you know when to replace it.

The Body Ply
This is what gives your new & used tires strength and flexibility. Let’s pretend they’re the abs of the tire: Your abs give you strength and make you flexible enough to do more and more push ups without stopping. In a body ply, there is one layer of rubber, one layer of reinforcing fabric, and then a second layer of rubber. The passenger tires are usually built with two body plies.

The Bead
This is the thing that makes sure there’s an airtight fit with the wheel that it’s fitting onto. The bead wire is typically coated with special aluminum's like bronze or brass; these coatings are the things that protect the steel from stuff you don’t want like corrosion. Beads are meant to be inflexible and inelastic; like I said before, they provide the mechanical strength to fit the tire onto the actual wheel.

The Inner Liner
This is the rubber sheet that makes sure the new & used tires will hold the high-pressure inside and will not let it out under any circumstances.

The technology that they use now to make Bridgestone Used Tires and any tires for that matter blends a creative mix of things like chemistry, physics, and even engineering. This is supposed to give consumers like you and me a very high degree of comfort, performance, and reliability.