Tire Manufacturers Affected by Japan

As we all know, Japan has gone through a horrifying experience the weekend of March 11, 2011. Because of the tsunami, there have been people that are going without water, food, and even heat. The industries that are in Japan have also been extremely affected. Since most of their technology is down, it’s really hard for any of us to see how they’re doing and what companies are in trouble.

Here are some facts that I’ve researched about the New & Used Tire Manufacturers that are in the area of Japan that were hit:

1. Toyo Used Tires and New Tires
- Since they have a plant that’s located in Sendai, you can only imagine how bad the building was after the water hit it aggressively. Since there’s a parent company that’s over Toyo Used Tires in Japan, the CEO - Kenji Nakakura - released a statement, “To the many victims and victims’ families of the earthquake of March 11, 2011, we wish to express our deepest condolences.

Within the Toyo Tires group, our facility in Northern Japan (Sendai) was directly affected by this earthquake. Immediately following the earthquake, the company established an emergency crisis center. Currently, the center is verifying the safety and welfare of all of our employees and their families, and taking appropriate steps to respond to this crisis. At the present time, neither the Sendai nor our other manufacturing plants in Japan have been affected by the tsunami, and there has not been any significant earthquake damage to our plant building or facilities. However, due to a power outage, the Sendai plant has temporarily been shut down. Once power is restored, and the safety of the plant facility has been confirmed, the company plans to restore operations, but it is not yet clear when this will happen.

Likewise, it is not yet known what the company’s financial losses or the impact to business results will be from this earthquake. The company will provide periodic updates as it achieves an understanding of the situation.” .. pretty long statement, right? At least we know that he cares.

2. Bridgestone Used Tires and New Tires
- They actually have their headquarters in Tokyo, but nonetheless, they have graciously agreed to donate about $3.5 million in cash, a few hundred bikes, and some warm clothes for those that have lost everything. Out of their 24 facilities that they have in Japan, none of them had no major damage - and even though this may be the case, Bridgestone decided that they were going to suspend their operations .. which is not a bad idea at all just in case something else happens.

The good thing is that Bridgestone Americas has stated that all of their employees that are in Japan on some business have been accounted for and they are officially safe.

3. Michelin Used Tires and New Tires
- There some employees in Japan on business, but the good thing is that they’re all accounted for and they are all safe - which is a huge relief.

I can only imagine how bad the damage is over there. I wonder how many companies were completely ruined and how many are still left standing. No matter what, if people from Japan somehow got a hold of technology and they’re reading this, just know that you’re in all of our prayers here at All-Used-Tires.com. We want nothing but the best for you guys.