Types Of Used Tires

I’m pretty sure that you already know that there are a bunch of different tires out there for all types of vehicles; right? There are tires for 18-Wheelers all the way to those small tricycles you see with those tiny toddlers. Let’s start get started; shall we?

High Performance Tires
As you probably guessed, High Performance Tires are for vehicles that usually travel at a high speed. They offer new & Used High Performance Tires with a softer rubber base so that way, you have a better traction percentage whenever you’re cornering those curves at speeds above the legal speed limit. The only thing about these tires is that they just so happen to have a shorter tread life.

Mud & Snow Tires
Mud & Snow Tires are obviously .. for mud & snow; but if you want to be really specific, these tires are a type of Winter Tires that are specifically designed to handle low temperature conditions. The compound of the tread is typically softer than the tread that is in New & Used Tires for Summer weather; therefore, it gives you a better grip whenever you are driving ice or snow - or maybe even both. If you were to use these New or Used Tires in the Summer as you do the Winter, just know that the tread wears faster at higher temperatures.

If you have these, you may notice that they may or may not accept the metal studs that were designated to give you traction on icy roads .. but how often are you driving on icy roads; right?

New & Used All - Season Tires
The All Season tire is technically - just an “Okay-ish” tire. The tread for Winter Tires is not good for Summer conditions & the tread for Summer Tires is not so well in Winter conditions; so I guess you can say that these tires are a bit of a combination of both. New & Used All Season Tires are becoming more & more common on the vehicles that you see everyday because they are so convenient & have a “passable” performance.

All-Terrain Tires
These tires are ordinarily seen on most SUV’s & small trucks. They’re made to have firm sidewalls so that way, there’s a greater resistance against ruptures whenever you are being adventurous & go off-roading. The tread is made to have a wider spacing so that when you do go off-roading, the mud won’t get stuck the tread.

Spare New & Used Tires
There’s some cars that already have that small 12” Used Tires installed in their tires just in case a blowout happens. There are also some other cars that carry that “Mini spare” or those “Space Saver” tires that allow you to store them in the trunk and save you money on gas. The only thing with these mini’s is that they don’t last you very long & they have a low - speed rating.

Industrial Tires
These new & used tires include pneumatic and non-pneumatic tires for specialty industrial and construction equipment. The equipment involves things like skid loaders and fork lifts.

New & Used Tires Used For Airplanes
These are the tires that are made to withstand really heavy loads for short amounts of time. The number of tires required for aircraft increases with the weight of the plane - make sense?

I think that it’s fascinating how there are so many different new & used tires and that there’s so many different applications & uses for all of these tires !