United States Rubber Company

The United States Rubber Company was actually one of the very first tire companies out there. They were founded around 1982 in Naugatuck, Connecticut. What’s interesting is that the United States Rubber Company was part of the Original 12 Stocks in the Dow Jones; it finally became part of Uniroyal Inc. in 1961. By 1990, Uniroyal Inc. was bought by the France division of Michelin Used Tires & New Tires.

In 1847, a rubber company by the name of Litchfield Rubber Co. moved to Naugatuck, CT; they then changed their name to Goodyear’s India Rubber Glove Manufacturing Co. At that time, they were only manufacturing rubber gloves for telegraph linemen. Remember I mentioned that they part of the first Stocks in the Dow Jones? Okay, well in 1916, the Dow-Jones Industrial average increased in size by having a list of 20 stocks & the United States Rubber Company was still on it. It actually wasn’t until 1928 when the U.S. Rubber Company wasn’t on the list of 30 stocks.

When 1931 rolled around, the United States Rubber Company bought a pretty big part of the Gillette Safety Tire Company; which was founded by Raymond B. Gillette. The reason they purchased this company was because the U.S. Rubber Company planned to expand their industry by adding an Automotive division; & this is the way they did it. Later that year, since the Gillette plant had some contracts with the General Motors Corporation, they were known as one of the biggest suppliers of OE Tires; both new & used tires. Their inventory consisted of Gillette, Ward, Atlas, & U.S. Royal brand tires (United States Rubber Company Brand).

Nine years later in 1940, the U.S. Rubber Company finally had acquired enough money to completely purchase & take over the Gillette Company. Then they expanded & renovated the Eau Claire plant so they can double production time & inventory. Since this was the time of World War II, all U.S. Rubber factories were committed to producing war commodities; they also manufactured military truck & airplane tires. Not only that, since they are a rubber company, they also made the Jungle Boots out of rubber so the Soldiers & Marines can wear. Unfortunately in 1942, the Government strongly decided to stop scarce rubber use for regular U.S. civilians. Because of this, they ended up selling the Eau Claire factory to the U.S.; the government renamed it Eau Claire ordnance plant because they were manufacturing small caliber ammunition for War.

One year later, the U.S. Rubber Company gained enough money to repurchase the plant from the United States Government so that way, they can convert it back to a Synthetic Rubber Tire Manufacturing plant. After this, the Eau Claire Plant was actually greatly expanded as the years rolled on. There was a point in time where this plant was known as one of the oldest plants in the United States; & was also known as the biggest private employer in Eau Claire & the second largest plant in Chippewa Falls until it closed in 1991.

I guess you can say that even though this company started in a small city in Connecticut, they are still responsible for Firestone Used Tires , Bridgestone Used Tires, & even Yokohama Used Tires. You can find these tires at any Used Tire Shop, Wholesale Used Tires factory, & even Used Tire Recycling places! Who would’ve thought that something so small would convert into something huge .. don’t you agree?