What To Do With Used Tires

Do you have some Cheap Used Tires that are just sitting there but you’re too lazy to take them to go get recycled? Well it’s time you got creative with those used tires! I hope you have some time because the ideas that are going to come up in your head will probably just go on & on.

Okay, are you ready to turn those Cheap Used Tires into something that you can actually use? What’s amazing is that these used tires can be used for just about anything; they have enough fuel in them to power furnaces, and potentially enough retrievable oil to ease consumer demand.

Using the alternative fuel in the tires is something that’s very common when it comes to looking for different uses for used tires. As a matter of fact, there are a few concrete manufacturers that have to use kilns in order to dry their products before they ship them. The kilns that they use are big enough to hold the whole recycled Used Tire in their furnace .. and do you know how big tires can get?!

The other industries in the business - like the steel & glass industry - will use used tires, but they’ll shred them in order to increase their typical coal and natural gas fuel sources. Another reason why they have to be shredded is because they don’t fit into the feeder grates of the furnaces if you just put them in like that, you know what I mean? It’s like trying to put an apple through a place that only has room for a banana ..

.. hopefully that made sense. One of the main disadvantages of shredding tires is that you may come across the steel belts that most manufacturers but into their products. If there’s steel belts present when you shred them, they can eventually build up over time and then end up blocking the feeder chutes.

Because different landfills all over the country have to meet strict environmental guidelines, they usually have to come up with a safe covering over every day's deliveries. Instead of using the normal layer of fill dirt in their landfills, there are some places that use just a layer of shredded tire in order to cover all of the junk they have. Instead of putting a whole pile of unused tires all in one spot, the landfill operators can either receive them shredded or invest in a shredding machine so that way they can shred the Cheap Used Tires all by themselves.

Another cool thing that used tires can do is serve as cushioning material in different playgrounds and other places that usually have a lot of kids - like water parks. Can you imagine how safe Disneyland would be if they just put this all around the park? I think it’d be a bit hot, but they can always install coolers under the rubber or something. Sometimes, some of the shredded used tires can spread over an area like mulch - this is what cushions the fall of a child.

I’m sure you can come up with so many more uses of used tires if you just take time to think about it. You can use them as tire swings and even cut them up so they can serve as pots for your flowers or something! The possibilities are endless, you just have to use the creative side of your brain :)